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Hello Church, here is the newsletter, which was written prior to our leaving for Cincinnati. Please read carefully. Kent

Newsletter for July 2016

Dear Church Family,

            Katie and I are off for Cincinnati Saturday the 25th of July—please pray for us. We want you to know that we do not consider our publishing work apart from Miller Avenue Church. This has always been so; it is our ministry together. We will be holding a book signing with If Allah Wills, will be contacting foreign publishers on the book as well, making important contacts, have five media events scheduled already, and on and on it goes. Hoping also to see the Cubs play the Reds Tuesday evening. We fly home Wednesday.

            In 1984 when I realized that MAC would be a small church, according to the field study conducted by the American Baptists which was generated in deciding whether to sell the property or make a new church plant, then the question was: how shall we then proceed? The decision I came to was that we must use media to reach local Marin and also to reach beyond.

            “The Bible Study” program was begun then on the local community access station.(Not a boast, but I was told even before CMCM came to Marin that the little Bible study program was the longest running public access program in the country.) Then with the use of the internet the ministry continues to grow. I mentioned, and I think for the first time Sunday last, that a considerable portion of my week is spent with YouTube due to the videos posted on Santeria, Wicca, Shamanism, and Charisma, and here it has to do with Kat Kerr and Sarah Young. That is a whole ministry in and of itself. This is all part of our MAC outreach. The work now with the Marin Inter-Faith Council is outreach as well and it is becoming quite interesting. We are the only evangelical church involved and due to a number of things, we have earned respect and much of it has to do with the food program (most of it done by Vern) and the relationship we have with the local mosque. Now the new television program, Why We Are Christians, is off and running. In July, after our return from Cincinnati, we begin hosting the programs on and the program will be available across the country. We will never really know the impact of this, of course. Our relationship with the television station here, CMCM is solid, and Katie and I will be handling CMCN’s booth 2 blocks of four hours each at the county fair. Come by and see us. And there is more to come, meaning the possibility of yet another television program.

            First meeting of our “collegium”—essentially the gathering of our preachers and teachers is coming right up. I have been wanting to do this for some time now and that time has arrived. The purpose is twofold, at least: one to prepare leaders, teachers, and preachers.  Two, to be able to lend encouragement, training, and support to those who stand before the congregation. One does not know of the future and we must be preparing for this. So Vern and I will be joining with others on alternate Saturdays, early afternoon, to set out further aspects of our ministry, principally preaching, teaching, and television interviewing, and other outreaches.

            A collegium, in my mind, means a team that has a common goal and purpose. I was part of such when doing my doctorate and it became very important to me, to be able to sit with other like-minded people whose desire it was to take a lead in Gospel work. I did the same with pastor in the 1970s, some 35 persons involved, and many of these ended up pastoring churches and taking the lead in many other forms of ministry. We are constantly engaged in equipping ministry as Paul speaks of in Ephesians 4. And those who labor in this complex world today must be educated and Biblically grounded.

            And all this reminds me the Saturday Seminary, due to begin again in September, probably about the middle of the month. As of now, Katie will teach Hebrew and I Greek. We will set it up so anyone can learn those things that are necessary to do Biblical work. Now, I consider this my retirement work – anything less would be very boring.

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Tuesday night Bible Study – 7pm—The Gospel of John

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The Bible Study, on Television Friday 8pm, TV Channel 26.

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