Klin Ministry is a Miller Avenue sponsored church and outreach for many Russian people living in the shadow of the capitol - Moscow. Klin, 100,000 city is located 60 miles NW from Moscow and is an old and rich in history town. Protestant (Baptist) underground church was established in 1944. In the communist ruled country church grew to 30 members in 1967. The same year church obtained an official church building, which was simply a restructured 700 sq ft dwelling house. Church always was active in spreading Gospel in community, schools, city streets, orphanages. Organized social campaigns like soup kitchens to support needy and reach as many souls as possible. In the times of "perestroika" church distributed thousands of Bibles and established 2 satellite churches on the near by towns of Vysokovsk and Povorovo. 4 years ago when church membership was approaching 200 it was impossible to allocate all people in the old building, so church started construction project of the new, much larger building. Despite the fact that times of "openness" and brief taste of civil liberties quickly vanished, and now life is more difficult - trusting in the Lord and His Power - church building project is almost completed. Even toughest skeptics and critics of this initiative are simply amazed now. Indeed, it is truly miraculous how Lord blessed this church and His mighty hand was so visibly present all the time of construction project. It is the real life proof, that if believers have God's blessing - they will prevail. 

Times are really tough now and getting even worse... Russian Ortodox church become an "official" church (read religion) in the Russia and has outlawed all other, denominations as foreign to Russian culture. Believers in Russia feel that today protestant churches of Russia are at much worst oppression than in communist times. And most of it is coming from the Russian Ortodox church...
In times like this, struggling to finalize building project and sign all permits and papers, not mentioning day-to-day hardship of maintaining church when most of the church members are living in very difficult financial situation - in bad economy of the region, church is seeking help of God's children to support them in times of desperate need. Please prayerfully consider you support to this church. Klin's church was preserved by God for so many years, and He was faithful to all church needs and it is obvious, that this is in God's will to have this church mission in this town - to continue to be a faithful witness for Him.

For more in-depth information, please read letter from Terry Hartikka, Pastor of Cornerstone Family Church, Virginia, MN.

Please write to pastor Anatoliy Sokolov to start receiving regular updates about church standing and news about construction project and other church activities. 

Email: klinministry@yahoo.com

To support our Ministry, you can send a Check or Money Order to:
Miller Avenue Baptist Church
Attn.: Klin Ministries, Russia
285 Miller Avenue
Mill Valley, CA, 94941, USA

Please make checks payable to: 
Miller Avenue Baptist Church
Memo: Klin Ministries, Russia.

(All donations are tax deductible)



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